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GrahamMonkey from Queensland
I am that pretty girl who loves to play dirty. So anyone who wants to be with me must know that once I licked it, it becomes mine. And from the moment...
GRLSRulez from Queensland
What would it take for me to find a guy who is going to actually pay attention to me? I have a lot of things that I can offer but men here won’t sit...
Ladymarchel from Queensland
Roses are red, violets are blue. I have a pair of pretty twin boobies and a beautiful cock too!
Girlwiththebr0kensmile from Queensland
I still like love even if people don't. I like love even when others only want that flirty feeling that keeps them high. I only want love, the kind of...
DidiDivine from Queensland
I may look simple and shy but looks can really be deceiving. Because on the contrary, I am a woman who is unique and who has an extraordinary personal...
BitterFlew from Queensland
I am looking for a mature and responsible man who can treat me like a princess when we are in public and his dirty little girl when we are in private....
2Legit2Quit from Queensland
I am looking for a long-term friendship with someone who is aware of the two fundamentals of a good and lasting relationship. What are those? 1. He s...
BustyHooters from Queensland
I'm looking for someone who is going to take his time to get to know me. Come and say hi if you think we might get along. A fair warning, I can't prom...
HotChaCha from Queensland
I do not know how to define myself but in my heart and dreams- I'm a woman. I so love being able to look in the mirror and see the woman looking back ...
RainyFoxxx from Queensland
First thing's first, if it isn't obvious, I was born a man. As you can see, I'm a lady with a certain sex appeal, keen wit and a "cucumber" that taste...
Pr3ttyp1nk from Queensland
I have a dick yet I seek someone who has a dick as well. Maybe you can let me play with your dick and I can let you fuck me hard in the ass. How does ...
Drunkbetch from Queensland
I drink a lot. I am usually drunk most days of the week but I can still perform well at work. That took a lot of practice though. I am looking for a m...
StrangerThings from Queensland
At the moment, all I want is someone who can make me smile, laugh, and feel in love again. Someone who doesn't just want me for my body, rather, someo...
Levitatescale from Queensland
The best thing about me is that I will not be a clingy bitch who wants all your attention. I can be your main chic or your side chic. I don't care abo...
Eberythingsalright from Queensland
I am on the search for a man who has a great personality and dirty thoughts. But if you have a huge dick, it’s a bonus that I will never say NO to. ...
Erraticfling from Queensland
I have fake tits and a fake personality, but who cares about that. We both know you're going to like me anyway. I don't have any standards or whatsoev...
StottyKid from Queensland
I am not into anything serious. I just got out of a bad relationship. All I want from here is someone who I can talk to whenever I feel lonely. This t...
Dallasgal89 from Queensland
I am an independent and serious lady who wants to find a serious and long-term relationship. I’m not asking for much. I’m looking for a man who wi...
MrMORDANT from Queensland
I am the kind of babe who can give you a great head. That’s all you need to know right now. But if you want to know more about me and my skills, sen...

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