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PlayWithMeballs from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I'd gladly bend over and lift my short skirt for a man with a big and thick rod. I don't mind if it's in public or in my room. I just want to feel him slide into me inch by inch before he ploughs me hard and quick from behind. I want him to make me m...
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 18
Lookheed from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I may be older than most people here but I am incomparably great in bed. I can even manage to sleep for days. I am looking for a man who knows how to keep my body and soul awake even though all I ever wanted is to knock myself out to sleep.
TorquayTorquay, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 35 | Gay
gr33nKathy from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
You want to know who I am, I guess. Well, the name is Kathy and my friends call me a charming woman if it weren't for one thing that makes me... let's say, "special". Anyway, I'm not sure if this is for me but thought I'd take a look as you only live...
CairnsCairns, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 32 | Gay
BabeShadow from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I am not sure whether I should be here or not. I am in a relationship right now, but my partner is not providing me with the sexual fix I deserve. I don't mean to belittle him, but he has a small dick and poor performance. Don't get me wrong. I love ...
Gold CoastGold Coast, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Gay
Scarlett Bell from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
Scarlett Bell
I am not your typical trans. I am not attracted to fit and hung guys. Looks don't matter to me. I prefer to have a decent man with a nice personality. If you are this kind of man, send me a message.
Gold CoastGold Coast, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 39 | Gay
LastOneYouLove from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
Happy and comfortable with myself, looking for someone who will satisfy me as much as I can satisfy him. As you can see I have the goods, do you? I sure hope so!
CaloundraCaloundra, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 30 | Gay
OneHourQueenbee from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I am the kind of chick who loves to play Titanic. You can be the ocean and I’ll go down on you. So, do you want to play this game with me? How about you contact me soon and let’s be naughty together?
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 33 | Gay
EnchantingFairy from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I may not be a full woman, but I'm a woman in every sense of the word and a woman who knows exactly how to turn someone on. I'm simply looking for some fun to shake things up. No pressure, but I'm excited to find someone who's comfortable in his own ...
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 29 | Gay
FeatherDuster from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I am a horny lady who is looking for a man who can fuck me as I have never been fucked before. I want him to leave me unable to think, I only want to feel, and be lost in the moment. I want to lose myself and reach orgasms like I never had before.
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 35 | Gay
MadJam from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I am not looking for a good-looking man. As long as you know how to properly treat and appreciate a woman, then we’re almost perfect for each other. Aside from that, I easily get along with active men with a witty mind.
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 36 | Gay
PureNCreamy from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
Simple kind of woman looking for no ties just fun. I have a boyfriend at this moment and for complicated reasons. I want to stay in this relationship so please don't ask. Still, I'm more than willing to have a little fun with someone else.
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 38 | Gay
RainyFoxxx from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
First thing's first, if it isn't obvious, I was born a man. As you can see, I'm a lady with a certain sex appeal, keen wit and a "cucumber" that tastes like strawberries.
Gold CoastGold Coast, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 40 | Gay
PreciousBubbles from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
You might see me as an easy babe to take home. Well, I am. All you need is a bottle of red wine and a box of pizza to lure me in. If you want some intense action, a box of Belgian chocolate can do the trick.
AyrAyr, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 24 | Gay
DeliciousFemme from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
I can be the woman of your dreams if you just give me a fucking chance to prove myself to you. I am a lady of class and sexiness and I am the perfect partner for someone who is in your calibre. So, am I worth your attention?
TownsvilleTownsville, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 34 | Gay
PassionateSenorita from Queensland,Australiaradio_button_checked
People often say I'm sexy. Some say flirty but honestly, I'm just a hot senorita who is optimistic and ready to get dirty!
BrisbaneBrisbane, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 30 | Gay
NewAnima from Queensland,Australia
I am a complicated babe. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find it hard to understand me during our first conversation. Once our conversation and relationship progress, only two things can happen to you. You would either be traumatized or aroused. I ca...
Gold CoastGold Coast, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 33 | Gay
HungryforSex from Queensland,Australia
Let's be honest and admit that we are all here just looking for really good pleasure! So, if there's something that gets your heart beating about me, let me know!
EmeraldEmerald, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 35 | Gay
CookiesNwhips from Queensland,Australia
I am the kind of lady who will not get tired of having dirty thoughts about one person all day every day. But today, I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like doing anything except for one thing. Today, I’d like to do you.
MareebaMareeba, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 30 | Gay
DeerGliters from Queensland,Australia
Plenty of guys hate it when their girlfriends are demanding. Me? I never demand a lot when I am in a relationship. But when I do, I want to be treated like a queen and fucked like a whore. That's how I want it to be. It isn't that hard, is it?
AthertonAtherton, Queenslandlocation_on
Shemale | 30 | Gay

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OmegaBlue from Queensland,Australia
datAsstho from Queensland,Australia

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